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Characteristics of two-color mold processing

Two-color mold is two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection molding machine, divided into two molds, but the product is only a mold. General this molding process is also called double injection molding, usually completed by a set of mold, and the need for a special two-color injection molding machine. So what are the characteristics of the two-color mold?

1. The two shapes of the mother mold are different, forming one product respectively, while the two shapes of the male mold are exactly the same.

2. The front and back die of the mold must match after rotating 180° to the center. Design must do this check action, this point on the mold position processing requirements higher.

3. The total thickness of front die panel and A plate should not be less than 170mm. Please carefully check other reference data for this type of injection molding machine, such as maximum volume thickness, minimum volume thickness, KO hole distance, etc.

4. When injection molding, the size of the product for the first injection molding can be slightly larger, so that it can be pressed more tightly with another male mold in the second molding, so as to achieve the effect of sealant.

5. Note that in the second injection molding, whether the flow of the plastic will impulse the products that have been formed for the first time, deforming the glue position? If it's possible, find ways to improve it.



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